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Take $10 off your first order Use Code BDPT$10
Canine Regen® is a patent pending proprietary blend made of 5 natural ingredients, which have been consumed by human and animals for many years. The ingredients in Canine Regen® have been shown to:
• Aid in Cellular Regeneration
• Speed Recovery and Reduce Stress
• Stimulate Migration of Immune Cells
• Enhance Stamina • Enhance Anti-Inflammatory Effects
• Improve Overall Appearances of Skin and Hair Luster
• Improve Temperament of Dogs
• Only APBAR rated Dog Supplement

3 reviews for CanineRegen®

  1. Gary E

    ’m a professional dog trainer who’s never endorsed a product, but after CanineRegen® PrimiCell® For Dogs changed Willow’s life, I’ve changed my tune. Willow, my 2 ½ year old Doberman, had alopecia and multiple other health issues. 40 days later, she’s dramatically better—healthy coat, better appetite, more energy/stamina and her alopecia is gone.

    Gary E., Professional Dog Trainer

  2. Fatty Max’s Mom

    My rescue dog lived a hard life: skinny, abused, scared and with the saddest eyes you’ve ever seen. I came close to putting him down until a neighbor introduced me to CanineRegen® PrimiCell® For Dogs. 3 weeks later I had a completely different dog. Now he runs, plays and has spark. I’m forever grateful to CanineRegen® PrimiCell® For Dogs.

    Fatty Max’s Mom

  3. Dr. Charlie T

    A large part of my practice is comprised of sporting dogs — Pointers, Retrievers, Setters; Spaniels — where focus, stamina and endurance are key. Both my clients and highly regarded trainers who use CanineRegen® PrimiCell® For Dogs have told me that CanineRegen® PrimiCell® For Dogs makes their dogs more alert in training, dramatically improves field trials scores and enhances overall health.

    Dr. Charlie T., DVM

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