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What is Pain?

  • Pain is the number one reason why people use drugs or seek medical care.
  • Pain is not a disease. 
  • Pain is an unpleasant feeling that occurs as a result of a problem.
  • Pain is an important “alarm bell” that rings when something goes wrong somewhere in the body.

Fast acting Pain ReliefAcute and Chronic Pain, usually due to infection, injury or disease, can be anything from a fleeting nuisance to a persistent and debilitating experience. The underlying problem may range from something trivial and self-limited, to a significant threat requiring treatment.  Resolution of the problem usually results in cessation of the Pain.  Even if the cause cannot be resolved quickly, it is possible to get immediate Pain relief by using drugs, supplements or other non-medicinal methods.   As an example, aspirin can quickly decrease the Pain caused by a bacterial infection whereas it may take several days for an antibiotic to eliminate an infection.

Pain is felt when nerve signals travel from a part of the body damaged by abnormal processes like infections, diseases, and injuries. Pain signals are created when specialized sensory nerves are stimulated by various chemicals usually released as part of the immune system’s Inflammatory reaction to the damage.  The signals travel along nerves and centers in the spinal cord to reach the brain where they are interpreted as Pain.

Pain and Inflammation

There are many causes of Pain but most Pain is related to inflammation in the body.

Inflammation is not a disease, it is a complex reaction of the body, triggered by the immune system, to defend against anything that causes healthy cells to be damaged.  Harmful substances and processes such as foreign invaders, like bacteria and viruses, traumatic forces, toxic chemicals, and abnormal cells stimulate the immune system to respond to these threats.  Inflammation is recognized as a combination of Pain, Heat, Swelling, Redness and Decreased Function. A twisted ankle or an infected finger share these five common features of inflammation.  The inflammatory process results in the walling off of the problem to a restricted, localized area so that specialized immune cells and chemicals can target and eliminate the causative threat.  The process ends after removal of the damaged cell debris and restoration with healthy replacements.

Acute Pain with Inflammation, commonly due to smaller injuries and more localized infections, is self-limited and lasts less than a month. Effective Pain and Inflammation reduction can be achieved without compromising the benefit of this important immune system defense.

Chronic Pain with Inflammation persists for more than six months and is not self-limited because the harmful, causative process, such as infection, disease or injuring force cannot be eliminated.  Further, the immune system may contribute to the persistence of Inflammatory Pain by reacting imperfectly to attack and damage healthy cells.

Different Kinds of Pain

knee pain reliefPain can originate from almost every part of the body.  The most common pains are associated with Inflammation and arise from the musculoskeletal system, specifically, muscles and joints. Everyone is familiar with backache, shoulder and neck pains, sore hips, knees and feet, as well as everyday injuries like sprained elbows, wrists and fingers. Many of these Pains are Acute, lasting a short time, and are due to minor injuries and infections.  Chronic musculoskeletal Pains, lasting more than six months, often are due to poor posture, repetitive improper activity (e.g. lifting techniques), failed treatment of Acute problems, or certain conditions related to aging and immune system defects.

Acute and Chronic Pains occurring in the body’s internal organs generally are felt on the surface overlying the affected part. Thus, it is common to identify the front or back of the abdomen or chest as the location of a Pain which, in reality, comes from the deep interior of the body.  This kind of Pain may be due to a minor issue like intestinal gas or an upset stomach or may be due more serious inflammation due to infection such as hepatitis, diseases like cancer, poor circulation such as coronary artery disease or traumatic injury.  Sometimes a Pain may be due to a defective immune system which attacks normal cells as seen in Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Premenstrual Pains typically occur in a recurring cyclical pattern in premenopausal females and may be experienced in a variety of ways including : abdominal cramping, low back pain, muscle and joint pains, and breast tenderness.  Although the exact cause of these pains is unknown, a common theory relates the symptoms to a hormonal imbalance.

Headaches, toothaches, and other Pains related to the head and facial structures are also common reasons for people to seek medical care.

Neurogenic Pain is a special kind of Pain, due to a disorder of the nervous system itself, that may or may not be related to Inflammation.  An example of this is Phantom Limb Pain where an individual falsely perceives Pain to be in a body part that is actually missing (e.g. an amputated foot).


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