All Natural, Fast Acting, Long Lasting, Pain Relief Supplement

Here’s How PluriPain™ Can Help To Manage Your Pain

Although pain can occur by itself, in the vast majority of situations, pain is a feature of an inflammatory process. Control of inflammation is an important part of Pain Management.  Further, since Oxygen Radicals contribute to the inflammatory process, Antioxidant activity is a significant component in the reduction of inflammation.

PluriPain™ Combats Pain-Causing chemicals in your body while providing Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Protection.

PluriPain™ is formulated to give

Fast Relief

Lasting all day.

PluriPain™ is a balanced formulation of all-natural ingredients designed to control pain and decrease inflammation.  In addition, PluriPain™ combats pain through its antioxidant activity and the enhanced bioavailability of its ingredients.  The formulation is science-based with regard to safety and expected beneficial effects.  The ingredients have been carefully selected from Worldwide sources and are known to be of the highest quality.

PluriPain™ actions:


  • Inhibits COX2 painful Prostaglandins
  • Anti-Inflammatory to Reduce Swelling and Tenderness
  • Antioxidant to Limit Oxygen Radicals
  • Promotes Increased Bioavailability of Active Ingredients